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Jen - 008 - The Dark Knight, House


HERE BE ICONS. I will have MORE The Dark Knight icons when I return from my 2 week vacation in England. The ones here are ALL of Bruce Wayne/Batman and The Joker (with random Rachel cameos).

This post is dedicated to indilime, who has patiently patiently waited for it. :S ILU, INDY. ♥

  001 - 045 - Bruce Wayne/Batman
  046 - 074 - The Joker
  075 - 078 - Batman & The Joker

  079 - 113 - Character Promos

Let's put a smile on that face.Collapse )

Please remember to credit caffrey, NOT the community. :) Thanks, guys.

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UP NEXT FROM JEN (when I get back from my vacation):
- MORE The Dark Knight
- Henry Cavill
- Watchmen
Tags: ! icons, film: the dark knight, savvy_elf, tv: house m.d.
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OMG, I totally love The Dark Knight icons! I think one of my favorites so far, the coloring is superb. The Bruce Wayne icons are just amazing especially #6, 18 and 38. Definitely snagging a lot from Dark Knight and the last House icon. :) Thank you so much!
Those are my favourite Bruce ones toooooo. Hee.

Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate it and I'm honoured that you think my colouring is good and all. I have so many artists that I admire graphicswise and I never think I'm that good, but hearing feedback like this is so uplifting.

Enjoy the icons, and thank you again!
these are absolutely amazing, like, every single one. i took almost all of them but i promise to credit
Heeeeeeee! Enjoy, and thank you!
using two. will credit.
Took a lot of TDK~<3 Christian Bale *o*
Snagged a BUNCH... these are fantastic!
These are lovely, snagging a few. <3
Oh sweet Lord, #76 is THE BEST THING I'VE SEEN IN MY LIFE.

And #14 - Bruce totes love The Office. ;)

#105 made me LOL as well.

Basically: FANTASTIC icons! ♥ Credited you for the ones I stole. Thank you!
ROTFL 76 makes my life a little bit ;) Excellent Joker iconage!
these are SO AMAZING!!

i miss you a ton.. come back to me!!
#76 is great - I love SYTYCD!
Snagged number 26. Thank you.
I think I may have already left a comment but who's to say another would be bad??

Love all of those Bruce ones, had a hard time deciding which ones to snurch! :D Hope ya don't mind.
HEE, you can leave as many comments as you like. Thank you for your feedback! :D
These are fabulous. If I want to use one, what do I do?

Also, are you planning to make any from the promos they are currently running? Just curious.
Sorry I haven't replied - I've been on vacation and just got back yesterday. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "what do I do" - you obviously know how to upload a userpic, LOL. just credit me in the keywords by saying "made by savvy_elf" or something. XD

Also, I haven't seen any new promos because I was gone so I'll have to look into that. I probably will icon that though!
I love the TDK icons, they are awesome!! I'm snagging a lot of the Bruce ones :D, I promise I'll credit if used :D be well!!
Beautiful TDK icons. I took... goodness, um... lots. *grins* Thank you very much and I will credit you with lots of love! ^_^

Suspended comment


Taking obviously. haha. <3333 Will credit. :]
I love all of these Bruce icons, they're so adorable.
Snagging #39. (:
OH MY GOSH. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. I LOOVE #3, 17, 18, 34, 46, 47, and 74 which just has the most perfect colouring, and 76 (LOL!) And your CROPPING on the House ones!! ♥ I love all the crops that are just the tops of their heads - that's a crop that I find is really tough to pull off, but you've done it fantastically. Such a good batch!! ♥
You know how I go nuts everytime you comment on my icon posts because your icons WIN and you're like my iconning inspiration...AHHHHHHHHH THANK YOU FOR YOUR FEEDBACK DAYNA. ♥
Awesome icons. Snagging 88 and will credit you! :D
Snagging #76 and #77 - dude, #76 made me choke on my yoghurt. WIN. :D Utter, utter, win. Awesome batch!
I LOVE number 85, so it shall be mine! :D
Just commenting to let you know how fantastic your TDK icons are. ;-D I stumbled across someone using one of your icons (#6) and I've yet to see a batch as exquisite as these. :-)

I can't say which ones I like best because they're all wonderful, but #s. 14-16 made me howl with laughter, as did #s. 25-27 and 76!
Took 44. :)
lmfao Relient K.
snagged a few of the Joker.
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