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you're evil like a hobbit.

graphics, videos, fanmixes and more.

k & j - canasia's finest
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you know you love me us.
Welcome to evillikeahobbit, a joint multimedia community owned and run by Karrie and Jen. Here you will find graphics (icons, wallpapers, headers, and the like), videos, fanmixes and more - all of which we would love to share with you!

The community's name comes from the second season bloopers of The Office, where Dwight Schrute is composing a note about his (secret) ladylove, Angela Martin. Jim Halpert subsequently breaks character and snorts like nobody's business. It is hilarious. And amazing. And so our comm was born.

The rules are simple. Comment, because we appreciate your feedback. Credit when using graphics, so others know where to find them - and don't claim them as your own work, either. Do not hotlink images, music links and the like. That's just rude. Feel free to nominate if you so please. We'd be honoured!

To affiliate with us, simply comment here! Or if you want to keep yourself updated with our posts, then add us to your friends list! Thanks for stopping by - now you get to meet the showrunners.
Karrie Veronica. (myst56)
18. University Freshman.
Ravenclaw. Silly Monkey.
In love with Bruce Wayne. And Michael Scofield.
And Robert Chase and Chace Crawford.
Veronica Mars. House MD. Prison Break. Gossip Girl.
Harry Potter. LotR. The Dark Knight. Big Fish. Moulin Rouge!
And much much more.
Jennifer Therese. (savvy_elf)
20. University Junior.
Gryffindor. Crazee Gecko.
In love with Daniel Jackson. And Jim Halpert.
And Ben Barnes and Christian Bale.
Stargate SG-1. The Office. SGA. Chuck. Bones.
LotR. The Dark Knight. Batman Begins.
And much much more.
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